Our Story

When Covid-19 hit El Salvador, we decided to join the fight against the pandemic and transform our signage company completely. We stopped 100% of the production of our commercial signs, and in 15 days we restructured our entire production facility. We enforced strict Covid prevention factory protocols to keep our employees safe and began the development of our line of KARETAS Personal Protective Equipment to protect our personnel and other Salvadorans.

We shifted to ensure our workers' economic security through the pandemic, and the company’s survival in the long term.

We were not only able to save the jobs of our 110 employees, but were also able to hire 40% more people who had recently lost their jobs (or were about to) because of the pandemic.

Giving up on our factory would have meant giving up on our people, and we weren’t going to let that happen.

We equipped our team with KARETAS face shields and started selling our product line in Central America, and now in the US. Our products are recognized by our clients for their superior quality, durability, and comfort.

We have donated thousands of face shields to hospitals, institutions, and treatment centers.

As we prepare to go back to work, we must make sure to stay safe, because protecting ourselves is everyone's responsibility.

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