Kids face shield can be friendly

In these COVID-19 times, we all must adapt and continue with our lives, but does that include children? Having a healthy childhood implies having social interactions with others and building amazing memories, is this possible during a pandemic? Of course! You just need the right protection.

While masks have proven to be extremely effective in the prevention of coronavirus, kids face shield offers an additional layer of protection when they play with friends or family. Additionally, they can be cleaned and sanitized easily for extended use if needed which gives you, as a parent the reassurance that your child is protected.

And it does not end there! Kids face shield offers a greater opportunity for customization, allowing your child to choose their favorite color, add on stickers and their names. In this way, they can transform their face shield into a fun and wearable accessory that allows them to be safe but also exercise social skills with both children and adults.

In contrast to other brands, our kids face shield is comfortable and apt for your child’s face, as we make sure that the measurements are smaller and right fitted. This way, your child can roam freely through the playground, jump, run, and play with their friends, enhancing non-verbal communication.

You also must keep in mind that kids face shield allows the resuming of face to face school activities to be more plausible for school administrations, as they act as a double barrier and protect children and teenagers in crowded spaces in conjunction with other protective equipment: physically doubling up the layers of protection against airborne germs and droplets: promoting safety without leaving out the fun.

When you order our kids face shield each of them is packed individually, this way you can be sure that they have not had previous contact with external germs or contaminants. They are equipped with a softer headband than other masks, so they can be worn for more time in a comfortable way.


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